You must have heard that if you want a package of crores, you will have to go to IIT, but now not only from IIT, if you want to go to IIT without yourself, you can earn crores of rupees by creating your own blog without working for anyone.

Here we are going to know How To Become A Blogger in 2022?  It will have all the information from topics, keywords, domain, hosting and blog setup to content publishing.

How To Become A Blogger

Blogger and WordPress are the 2 most popular platforms in India on which blogs can be created.  But today there is a lot of competition in blogging, so if you want to create an earning blog, then for this

You have to create a full customized blog on WordPress and its benefits will be seen in ranking, indexing, and earning and here blogging from the beginning.  From setup to content publishing and a case study of a new blog will also be available.

In this article, today you will be told very closely about many information related to how To Become A Blogger.  With all this information, you can start a new blog and earn a decent amount every month.

This calculation sounds very silly but we know that it is absolutely possible to make a decent amount of money by the block.

It is very easy to start any new blog but it is a bit difficult to generate a good amount from it.

In today's article, not only will you get to know how to start a blog, but with this you will also know some such ways by which you will be able to generate a good amount from your blog.

If you are very curious to know all this, then let's start with this now.

How to make WordPress Blog?

To start a good blog in 2022, first few simple steps have to be completed.

  • Select a good niche.
  • Buy the right domain name and hosting.
  • Prepare a good outline of your blog.
  • Write articles in the blog according to the choice of the people.
  • Prepare SEO and Analytics for your blog.
  • Some important information after starting the blog.

If a person follows these steps properly then he can make a successful blog in 2022 and by that he can raise a good amount every month

If you are curious to know these steps in detail then get ready because we are going to know about all these steps in depth.

Step 1: Select a Good Blog Topic/Niche

Choosing a good topic is very difficult for every blogger.  Choosing the right subject is very important because the subject is considered to be a very big and important part of any blog. And you know all about How To Become A Blogger.

Bloggers need to keep many things in mind while choosing a topic.  If a blogger chooses the wrong topic for his blog, then he can create a lot of difficulties for him.

1) Focus on only one blog niche

While selecting the subject, never choose big subjects.  Big topics are mostly run by big websites.  So if you choose the big theme then your website will not be most visible on the internet.

If you choose short themes, it is possible that your website can be seen at the top of the internet.

The shorter the topic and the more information you put on your blog, the more likely your website will be shown on the top of the Internet.

2) What are the most important things to keep in mind while choosing any blog niche?

  • Is that subject your favorite subject?
  • Can you help people with this topic?
  • Do you have any information related to this topic?

These are the things you can ask yourself when you choose a topic.  By these questions, you will get such a topic for your blog that you will enjoy writing a lot and you will not be bored. This thing help to How To Become A Blogger.

3) Choose the right subject with the help of 999 method

By this way you can choose a right topic.  Somewhere out there bloggers have many such topics which they like very much and they also have a lot of information related to it.  In that stage, by this method, you are able to choose a right topic for your blog.

  1. First of all take a paper and pen and write down any 9 passions, 9 fears and 9 problems.
  2. Now select any 5  blogging niche ideas out of these 10 niche ideas, seeing which you think will be very helpful and people will like it for a long time.
  3. Now find all these niches one by one by someone's keyword tool and know which topic has the most.

Through all these processes, you will be able to easily select topics to open more blogs in the future.  Here are some trending blogging niche ideas. To know all about to How To Become A Blogger.

  1. Personal Finance blogs
  2. Food blogs
  3. Lifestyle blogs
  4. Parenting blogs
  5. Travel blogs
  6. Politics blogs
  7. Local News Blog
  8. Diet and Fitness
  9. Fashion
  10. Gaming
  11. Cooking
  12. Government Schemes/Education
  13. Jobs/Govt. Jobs
  14. Travel
  15. Fantasy Sports
  16. Study Material
  17. Agriculture & Farming/Gardening
  18. Pets(Dog, Cat)
  19. Legal
  20. House Plan/ Architecture
  21. Google News Site

Step 2: Choose the Right Domain Name and Hosting

This is a very important and second stage for any block.  In this step, the person has to choose a name for his blog, which can be easily remembered by the people.

The name of the blog is called the domain name and when any person comes to the website, he first sees this name.

It not only connects the person to the website or also it has a very important contribution in making your website appear on the top of the internet.

Now you must have come to know the importance of the name of any website, so while choosing the name of the website, keep in mind that it should be short and can be easily remembered by anyone.

While choosing a blog name, keep in mind some five important things

  1. Your website name should not be too long.  Otherwise any person will have a lot of difficulties in remembering the name of your website.
  2. It is very important to take care of the extension (.com ,.org, .info, etc.) while taking the name.  According to our opinion, it is more beneficial to take you .com.
  3. Do not put any type of number and sign while taking the name, as it can cause a lot of difficulties for people to come to your website.
  4. Choose a name that people can easily remember and type quickly on their Chrome.  Try that the name of your website should come in only two letters.
  5. There are many such Domain Name Research Tools available on the Internet, through which you can choose a very good name.  You can use these tools till now, when you are not able to find a good name or according to you that name is not available.

Now after selecting a good domain name, the very important thing is to choose the right hosting.

According to our opinion, you should choose Bluehost only for hosting.  This hosting is very much liked.  The domain is available for free on Bluehost, in such a way, 500 to 1000 rupees are saved for this.

Which would have been used to buy a domain from Godaddy or any other platform, so now after thinking about the name of the domain, make your own WordPress blog from here.

How to create a blog on Bluehost with WordPress?

First, go to Blue-host website and select a plan.

Now type your domain name there and click on Next.

Now you have to fill some information related to you there.

Now all the information will be written in front of you and you will have to make online payment only.

You can make the payment as per your convenience.

As soon as you complete this, now the option of Create Account will come in front of you.  By clicking on that option, you will have to type the name of your domain name and create a password.

After doing this, you will have to log in to Bluehost again.

After logging in, a page will be generated in front of you on which blog will be written on the corner.  You have to click on that blog.

Here you will see the options of WordPress, out of which click on WordPress with Limitless customization.

Now select the Niche of the blog.

Now write the title and tag line of the blog and click on continue.

Many free and premium themes are available in Bluehost.  Select any one of these.

Now Bluehost main dashboard will be in front, here go to Advanced option and click on WordPress.

Now install WordPress CMS.

After installing WordPress, to access your blog, you need to enter on Chrome.  After doing this, the dashboard of your blog will open in front of you.

Create a good outline of your blog

While preparing your blog, you have to give a good outline.

You must have seen it many times while reading others' blogs that everyone's website appears in a different way.

Blog outlines tell people about your topic and also help them a lot in connecting with your blog.  If someone's website has a good profile, then people like to come to that website and read the blog.

WordPress also helps a lot in creating a good blog design.  In World Press, you will find many good themes through which you can give a very good design to your site.

Most of the people prefer to have a premium theme in WordPress.  If you want, by investing a little in WordPress, you can also get a premium theme for your blog design. If you follow this things to on your blog or website to know How To Become A Blogger. 

Some Tips and Tricks to make the blog better

  • Putting too many ads on your blog can spoil its profile.
  • Leave more white space.
  • You will get more than 87 themes so choose a good theme for your blog.
  • Use some such plugins on your blog by which it helps people to go to more articles.

How to write content on blog?

Every person has his own different expectation related to every article.  Keeping this in mind, it is the biggest task of the writer to present all the information related to his subject well to the person in front.

The first reason for any person to come to the website is to read the article written there.  For a successful blog, blogger score first thing is to prepare some necessary submissions.

After preparing this necessary page, blogger starts writing articles related to the topic.

Some essential information for the blog:

  • First the page in which all the information related to your website should be written.
  • Then the page comes in which you have to write the information related to you.  People can connect with you through this page.
  • If you are making a blog to provide any kind of facility, then you will also have to prepare pages on the information related to it.

Now we will tell you about some essential information above the article related to the topic, which will be very helpful for your website.

1) Make sure you have enough content for people

When people start liking the content of a website, then they want to read more articles from the same website.

It is very important to make sure that if someone wants to read articles on your website, it is very important to have sufficient amount of articles on your website. Then you know that thing to How To Become A Blogger.

At least 5 to 8 content should be present in your website in the initial days.

2) Create detail post

These types of articles are the ones that help a lot in increasing traffic to your website.  These types of articles are quite large in the case of other articles and tell all the information related to the subject in great depth.

3) Article content that brings more traffic

If there is anything most important in this blogging world, it is traffic.  The more traffic that will come to your blog, the more your blog will be called successful.

It is not so easy to prepare this type of post, keeping this in mind, there are many such breaks on the internet, through which you can bring a lot of traffic to your post very quickly. 

If you are launching a new blog, then the best way is to go to the website related to your particular and read their blog carefully.

If you are looking for a tool by which you can find good keywords for your post, then according to our opinion Samrush tool will prove to be the most beneficial.

Now the next and most important step is to prepare the SEO of your blog, the full name of SEO is Search Engine Optimization.

The main reason for this is to bring more knowledgeable traffic to your blog.  It is very important for every blogger to prepare the FPO of his blog.

Now we will tell you how you can prepare SEO for your blog. To know How To Become A Blogger in blogging world.

1) Enter the SEO plugin

Rank Math is an approximation that goes a long way in completing the ranks of your posts.  You will also get it for free, so take full advantage of it.

2) Apply Google analytics code

This code is very important for any blog.  Through this you can find out all the activities happening on your blog.  Through this, you will get to know about the activities happening on each post as well as which keyword gets the most people.

3) Submit your website to Google Search Console

It handles your website.  From here you can request the website for indexing in the Google search engine.  Here you will know which content, keyword is performing best.

4) Build your social media pages

Through this people will be able to know about you.  People will also start building trust in your blog.

Do this after starting a blog

Now you have created a successful block for yourself.  Now after this you have to complete some important steps.  All these steps will go a long way in making your blog better.

Now we will be able to show you some of the steps that you will complete before starting a WordPress blog.

1) Connect your website with Google analytics

You cannot make money unless you know how much traffic is coming to your site and how many people are liking your site.

This is a tool that serves to provide you all the information related to your side.  This plugin is absolutely free and you can easily install it in your blog.

2) Prepare the Sitemap

If you are a new blogger then this step is very important for you.  This step will make it much easier for people to come to your site.

3) Add some necessary plugins to your blog

When you create a blog on WordPress, you will be provided with the option to install many plugins.  Keeping this in mind, today we will tell you about some such plugins.

Which you can make your blog more successful by putting it in your blog.

  • W3 total cache: This plugin is very much liked by the people.  With the help of this plugin, the download time of the post is greatly reduced.
  • WP Rocket: This is a premium plugin that means you will have to invest some money for this plugin, but after knowing its facility, you will not have any kind of pain to invest your money.

This plugin significantly reduces the download time of photos, videos and etc., and at the same time it provides the ability to download them in very good quality.

  • WP Super Cache: Another popular favorite that you can use for free.

If you have taken low rate hosting then this plugin will help you a lot in showing a good quality blog to your users.

4) Find your social media handles

As soon as you create your blog with our opinion, you should also prepare a professional social media profile of yours.  Along with creating a social media profile, you can also add a link to your blog.

Now we will tell you the names of some such platforms where you can create a professional social media profile.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Quora

Keep in mind that you also put your website on some high authority blog submission sites.  This can increase the amount of traffic coming to your site even more.

How To Become A Blogger And How to earn from then.

The blog you are reading at the moment, this blog has already crossed the figure of earning every month.

Because of this, we will share some such information with you, by which you will also be able to cross this figure easily. It is not very difficult to cross such figures, but for this you have to work a little carefully on your blog.

For this type of figure you have to pay attention to two things.

  1. Large amount of audience on the blog
  2. Monetize the blog.

Now we will share 5 steps with you, by which you will cross this figure within 1 month.

Create a Monetization Strategy

Do you know that even before starting a blog, you can start earning money through it.

Creating a solid monetization strategy is very important.  If you prepare in advance then you will not have to face any kind of problems later.

We will share with you 4 such ways through which you can earn good money from your blog itself.

1)Google AdSense:

Google AdSense is the main source of earning from blog.  Any blog is monetized from here.

To do monetization for AdSense on the blog, you have to signup from here and then in 24 hours to 72 hours, an Approval email comes from the AdSense team.  After that you can put ads on the blog.

Know how to setup for Google AdSense First Income

2) Affiliate Marketing:

This is a tool used by most of the bloggers.  In this, only blockers have to sell different types of things.

In affiliate marketing, you can earn commission by selling other things.  For this, you have to put the links of the things you want to sell on your blog.

If you want, you can also start affiliate marketing through your social media handles.

3) Selling your own products

As we mentioned in the beginning, you can also create blocks on top of your own product.  Through this type of blog, you can earn money by blogging and at the same time your product starts selling.

If you want, you can make and sell your courses.  There have been many such teachers and teachers who put information about their course in the blog and sell their courses at a good price.

4) You can also earn money by consulting

In this type of medium, you have to write all the information about yourself and your service about it.

Along with this, you also have to tell how you can help them and how you can help them through private classes.

How much you will charge for a class depends on you.

Start A Strong SEO

We have already told you about the importance of SEO very closely in this article. To know How To Become A Blogger.

If you prepare a strong SEO, then you can earn a lot from blog only by traffic.

In SEO, you have to take great care of three things:-

It is very important for your article to be at least a thousand words.

Using keywords related to the topic plays a very important role in the article.

Backlinks also help you a lot.

Always Write ahead

You can never start earning money within 1 day.  It happens many times in the beginning of the blog that people want to leave it because they are not able to earn money in the beginning.

But if you work hard on your blog after thinking for a long time and keep posting articles, then after some time you start earning very well from your blog.

How to put in the right tool?

When you start your blog, you see many such tools.  Seeing which you feel that it can prove to be very helpful.

You have to select only those tools out of all these tools which can prove to be of great help to you.

In this article, we have told you about many such plug-ins, through which you can earn a lot from your blog.

If you want to install other types of plugins apart from those plugins, then in our opinion, you should first get good information about them and then invest money in them.

Add different types of traffic and monetization to your blog

Internet is such a medium on which people from all over the world like to find things according to their convenience.

You can add a lot of earnings to your blog through which the user can buy things according to his convenience and you get some commission from them.

There are many bloggers who have earned a lot from their blog and this is the biggest secret of their success.

If you want to create a blog and you know How To Become A Blogger in 2022, then here you have given information about how to create a WordPress blog from Bluehost.

Here we will get all the necessary information that how a beginner can create his own blog.  In today's time, the competition is high.

So how can you earn from the blog, it has also been told for this.  Hope you liked the information, share it with friends on social media.

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