If you are connected to the Internet, then you must be familiar with Wikipedia.  Today I am going to tell here How To Create Wikipedia Account?

And also how to upload your information (Bio-data) on Wikipedia.  When we need information about things like Actor, Writer, Movies, Book, History, Science, Country.

How To Create Wikipedia Account

So first of all the name of Wikipedia comes in our mind. Because we would have known that there is a Wikipedia Library on the Internet where complete information about everything can be found.

By the way, there is no need for an account tor ead any article from Wikipedia.

But if you want to become a Wiki Writer or want Dofollow Banklinks for your blog/website, then you have to How To Create Wikipedia Account.

What is Wikipedia ?

Wikipedia is a free library where you will get the answer to every question in the world.

It was created by Jimmy Donal Wales in 2001.

At present, Wikipedia comes in the Top 10 Most Popular Website List and currently its Alexa Rank is 5.

Articles are uploaded on Wikipedia in almost every language of the world such as English, Hindi, Esponal, Medarin, Italiano, Deutsch etc.

If we talk about Hindi language so far 118,000+ articles have been uploaded on Wikipedia.

All these articles have not been uploaded by Wikipedia itself.  We have uploaded them by bloggers, writers like you.

Here any person can write and upload any article on any topic.

If you are a Tech Blogger or Writer, then you can upload and write articles about Technology (Computer, Mobile, Internet etc.), this will also give a Dofollow Backlinks to your blog.

Or you are some other kind of writer like Indiana History, Geography, Bollywood, Story, etc.  So you can write about that too.

But to write anything on any topic on Wikipedia, you must have a Wikipedia Account Create.

Then you can write something.  So let's see Wikipedia Account Create (How to create Wikipedia account)?

How to Create Wikipedia Account? Step by Step full guide

Creating a Wikipedia Account is very easy, for this you just have to open it by clicking on Create Wikipedia Account.

After that you can create Account successfully by typing your Name, UserName (eg.cartwithme), EmailId & Password.

If there is no money for writing an article on Wikipedia, then why would someone waste their time and write an article for it.

This question comes in everyone's mind.

If this is also coming in your mind, then you should understand that there are only 2 benefits of writing on any topic on Wikipedia.

  • There is only Profile Information of Popular Person on Wikipedia.
  • In such a situation, if you are a Wikipedia writer, then you get a chance to upload your own profile information on Wikipedia.
  • If you are a blogger then you do not need to tell this.
  • How important is the backlink for you and if it is from a website like Wikipedia, then what is the matter.
  • In such a situation, if you post an article on Wikipedia, then you can easily take a backlink by submitting your blog URL there.

How to Set-up Profile On Wikipedia Account?

Many people upload their photo, Bio-data to Wikipedia.

But 90% of them deletes the photo and bio-data of people from Wikipedia.

The reason for this is that without reading the Wikipedia policy, he creates an account and uploads all the things about himself.

If you want that your photo and bio-data from Wikipedia is not deleted after uploading, then for this you must pay attention to these tips.

After creating a Wikipedia account, first of all publish two or four articles and edit the already uploaded article in Wikipedia and fill it up with the lack thereof. How To Create Wikipedia Account.

When you have done all this, then create your profile and upload your photo and do not write about yourself in too much detail, just write a little and increase it gradually later.

How to get Quality Backlink from Wikipedia?

If you create a Wikipedia Account and put a link to your Blog/Website without publishing any article anywhere.

So Wikipedia will delete your link with a warning message or until you remove your blog link, then that article will not be published.

Like I told above, first you write two or four articles on Wikipedia, after that you can edit that article or any other article and add a link to your blog.

Friends, here it has been told about creating a Wikipedia Account, along with it it has also been told how to create a Wikipedia page and how to take Blacklink.

In such a situation, if you want to see your Bio-Data on Wikipedia or get a strong backlink for your blog.

Than for this, you can create a Wikipedia Account and publish articles on topics like Technology, History, Bollywood.

Fast way How to Create Wikipedia Account

  • Go to Wikipedia
  • lick “Create account” on the top right of the page
  • Choose a username and password
  • Congratulations! You have now created your Wikipedia user account, and are an active member of the Wiki community!
  • You can access your profile by clicking on your username in the top right-hand corner of the page

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