Do you guys know what is the full form of LLB? Or if you say, we will give you complete information today about when the LLB course is done.

When a student is in class 12th, then the biggest question in his mind is that what should he do after 12th?

If you guys are also in 12th class or are interested in doing LLB course.


Along with LLB Full Form, you will get information about the course and institution related to it and here we will give complete information.

Sothat if you are interested in a post like lawyer and want to do further studies in law and constitution.

So how can you get information about LLB Full Form and its meaning as mentioned here.

So today you people will know the meaning of LLB and will also know when LLB is done and what are the benefits of doing it.

If you guys are interested to do LLB course, then you must read this blog post completely.

we have tried to give you all kinds of information in this from our side.

What is LLB?

LLB is a course after completing which you can become a lawyer, and it is a UG (Under Graduation) course that you can do even after completing class XII.

If you are explained in simple language, then LLB is such a degree

In which you are taught all kinds of things related to law and after getting its degree you can go into the field of advocacy.

LLB Full Form

LLB Ka Full Form is also known as Bachelor of Legislative Laws or Bachelor of Laws.

We are taught law in LLB Course, if you like to read about law then you can do LLB Course. Bachelor of Legislative Law.

Educational Qualification for LLB Course

So if now you have made up your mind that you have to do LLB course only, then let's know about its educational qualification.

You can do this course even after class XII and if you have done graduation and after that you want to do LLB course then in this situation also you can get LLB male degree.

Before that you have to do some entrance exams to take admission in LLB, the names of those exams are as follows:

  • CLAT
  • LSAT

If you want to do this LLB course, then it is very important for you to give these exams to take admission or admission in it.

If you are looking for a good college to do LLB, you must give these entrance exams for that.

If you have got more than 50% marks in 12th class or under graduation then you are eligible to do LLB course.

What are the fees for doing LLB?

Let us now know that how much fees we have to pay in college for doing LLB course.

It is definitely difficult to say because, all the private colleges have different types of facilities, that is why their fees are low or Could be more.

If you do LLB course from government college, then you can go there from about ₹ 100000 to ₹ 200000.

On the other hand, if you do LLB course from a private institution or college, then you may have to pay a fee of about ₹ 400000 to ₹ 500000.

Because in these private colleges, you also get very good facilities according to the government colleges.

Now you must have come to know that if you do LLB course, then how much fee you may have to pay.

How long does it take to do LLB course?

After knowing the fees for doing LLB course, let us know how much time it takes to do LLB course or in how many years the course is completed.

You have 2 ways to do LLB course, either you can do it immediately after passing class 12th.

If you are doing any undergraduate course then even after that which can be scored. If you have recently passed from class 12th.

Then in this situation it will take you 5 years to do LLB course and the same if you have achieved your undergraduate degree, after that it will take 3 years for you to do LLB course.

I hope that now you guys have understood well that how much time it takes to do LLB course.

Top 10 LLB Colleges In India

To get LLB Course Degree, you need to find a good LLB college

So that you can make your career by studying from there in a good way. That is why we have given you a list of 10 best LLB colleges in India according to 2021.

Some of these colleges are government colleges, so you can get your admission here as well.

Best Colleges For LLB In India:-

  1. National Law School Of India University – NLSIU Bangalore
  2. National Law University – NLU Delhi
  3. NALSAR University Of Law – NLU Hyderabad
  4. The West Bengal National University Of Juridical Sciences – NUJS Kolkata
  5. Indian Institute Of Technology – IIT Kharagpur
  6. Gujarat National Law University – GNLU Gandhinagar
  7. Jamia Millia Islamia – JMI New Delhi
  8. National Law University – NLU Jodhpur
  9. Symbiosis Law School – SLS Pune
  10. Kalinga Institute Of Industrial Technology – KIIT University
So friends, these were the 10 best colleges in India from where you can get your LLB or Law degree.

These colleges have been placed in the list of 10 best LLB colleges on the internet.

Where do I have to do a job after doing LLB?

LLB Jobs:- After doing LLB course, when you get a degree, then everyone must have thought that where to do a job to advance their career.

In such a situation, some students start preparing for LLM course and PhD for further studies.

But there are some of them who have to do jobs after doing LLB, so you can do all these jobs. For which you have to give the following judicial examination, after that you can do all these jobs.

  • Judiciary
  • Court
  • Government department
  • Advocate
  • Defence Services
  • Teaching area
  • Multinational company
  • Bank

All of you must have known very well in which field you can do a job after doing the LLB course.

How much salary is available after doing an LLB course?

It can be a very good question that after doing LLB course, when we become a lawyer, then how much salary we can get.

So it is definitely a bit difficult to tell because the salary or salary of a lawyer is not fixed over time, so for this reason we will tell about an average salary.

When you become a lawyer, then whatever case you fight, then you get salary as fee for that one case.

So if you are a new lawyer now, then in this way you can get salary from ₹ 15000 to ₹ 30000 and on the other hand if you are an experienced lawyer then you can get salary from ₹ 40000 to ₹ 60000.

So now you must have got the answer to your question that how much is the salary of a lawyer.


Today you guys have come to know that what is the process of becoming a lawyer, what are the things you should do before doing LLB, then you can become a lawyer.

I have told you all the information I have about these things in my article, so if you like the information given by us.

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Friends, we hope that you have complete information about LLB full form and meaning which is necessary for a student.

You have got all that and if you want to study in this field, then pass the examination conducted by the government school

So that you can get admission in a better college in the country and you can become a lawyer in the High Court or Supreme Court or in the country. be able to move to other important positions

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