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Hello friends, today we will know some things about SMS such as what is the meaning of SMS, full name of SMS, SMS Full Form, how to send SMS?  If you guys also want to know about all these things, then you can read this post completely.

It was a few years ago when you people would also use it to talk to your friends and to send at that time a separate SMS pack had to be recharged.

You people can also have many memories associated with an SMS, so today we are going to know some things here related to the same SMS, maybe you people already know about these things but this post is for those people.  This is only for those who do not know much about SMS.

Now almost everyone is using Instant Messaging Apps like WhatsApp, WeChat, Hike, Viber, etc in place of these text messages.

Now people use messages very rarely, we will also tell you the reason why it happened that people are leaving text messages or SMS and now using WhatsApp.

SMS Full Form

The full name of SMS is Short Messaging Service and we also call it SMS Full Form and if we know the meaning of this in Hindi then Text Message can also be called Short Messaging Service in Hindi.

Who created the Short Messaging Service i.e. SMS?  Or Who Invented Text Messages?

It was invented in 1984 by Friedhelm Hillebrand and Bernard Ghillebaert.

Nokia was the first company to introduce this service, which had brought the facility of text messaging in its mobile.

When you send a message to someone, you can write a total of 160 characters inside that one.

If you have written more than 160 characters inside your text, then it can be counted as two messages or more.  For example, suppose whatever message you have typed, there are a total of 480 characters inside it.  So these 3 messages will be counted.

What is SMS?

By the way, there is nothing to tell in this that what is the meaning of SMS, you may already know what a text message is, but still, we want to tell those who do not know that,

Short Messaging Service or Short Messaging Service is the use of which you can send any message from your mobile number to another person's mobile number in text or by writing.

To send or receive, it is not necessary that the other person should also have a good Smartphone, if you want to text from your Smartphone to any other normal mobile then you can do so.

Before Jio, whatever people used to send this, they used to get a separate recharge done for this, in which they used to get 200 or 300 to send them.

But now with the arrival of Jio, there is no need for you to recharge separately for this, you are given 100 per day.

And I like the best thing about SMS is that it is not necessary that you have an expensive mobile for this.

Benefits of SMS

Even though very few people are using it now, it is not that now no one does it with their mobile, still there are many such works which are done by.

So there are benefits of some of them, about which we have told you below, so if you people also wanted to know about the benefits, then you can read the things written below.

If you are nervous to say something to a person, then you can send it by writing to them with the help of SMS.  These days almost all SIM card companies are giving free SMS every day to their customers with some recharge plans.

To whomever you want to text message, if it is online or offline, whatever SMS you send will reach him immediately.  If someone is harassing you by calling you again and again and you do not want to talk to him.

If you feel that if you talk to them, then your time will be spent, then you can send them by writing "I'm Busy Right Now Please Call Me Later" or other similar templates come, you can also use them.  can.

So friends, this is the benefit of doing something. If you guys also like me today, then you can take advantage of all these benefits.

Use of SMS

By the way, we had just learned about the benefits of text messaging and now we know about the use of people, which is the place where we can use it even in today's time.

So let us know which are the places we use.

When we travel, many times we do not hear the voice clearly while talking on the call, then in this situation we can talk.

If you run a school or office, then in such a situation, if you people have to announce any holiday or have any kind of update, then you can make your point to those people.

If you called a person from your mobile and at that time their phone was switched off, then whenever they switch on their phone after that, immediately a message comes on your mobile that whom you were calling now.  He has turned on his phone.

If you guys want to check your bank balance, then you can also check your bank balance one by one from your mobile.  With this, if there is any transaction from your bank account, then its message comes on your mobile.

If you have started any coaching or institute and you want to promote it, then you can use SMS.

So if you want to take full advantage of people's messages, then we have told you above about the use of SMS, in which places SMS is used, then you people can also do all these things.

How to send SMS?

This thing will often happen to you also when a person calls you and asks for someone else's mobile number and he says that you SMS me his number or send me his number in a message.

But the problem comes that you do not even know how to SMS, how SMS is done or how to send messages, you people do not even know about it.

So today I will tell you the same thing: how can you send a message to anyone, so today I am going to tell you a way to do that. Maybe these things are a little different in your mobile because things are different in all mobiles.  Is written

But the method of sending SMS is the same, so you can learn how to send such messages by following the steps given below.

Step 1:- First of all you have to start the application named Message in your mobile.

Step 2:- Now you will see all the messages that have come on your mobile number there and there you will see Start Char or Plus Icon, you have to click on it.

Step 3:- Then on the top of the screen that will come, a box will be made on which To or Type A Name or Mobile Number will be written, you write the number or name of the person to whom you want to send SMS.

Step 4:- Now write down whatever things you have to write inside the SMS or someone's mobile number and or whatever important things you want to write.

Step 5:- Now to send such messages, if you have two SIM cards installed in your mobile, then select the SIM card from which you want to send SMS and click on the Send button.

By doing just this, your SMS will have gone to that person, then in this way you can send SMS to any other person's mobile number by giving your mobile number.

What is the difference between SMS and MMS?

Most of the people are confused about these two things and what is the difference between SMS and MMS, so as you all know that SMS is a Full Form [Short Messaging Service].

In which we can send a maximum of 160 characters, on the other hand MMS whose full form is [Multimedia Messaging Service] in which we can send media files like photos, videos etc.

So the only difference between these two is that in SMS you can send the message by writing and in MMS you send the media file and you do not have to charge much to send a text message and on the other hand if you want to send SMS.  If so, then more charge has to be paid for it and MMS does not support it in all mobiles.

So friends, I hope that this article written by us to you guys, in which we have given information about SMS Full Form, SMS Meaning, and similar things to you people.

If you guys liked all this information given by us, then you can tell us by writing in the comment box below and you can also share the link of this blog post on your Facebook and WhatsApp.

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