What is Voter ID Card? and How to apply voter id card? Apply Status Check.

How To Apply voter ID Card

India is one of the largest democratic countries in the world, in which billions of people live.  In view of the diversity of the country, innumerable political parties have been formed in every state, district and city.  Elections are an elaborate affair in India and a very integral part of democracy. How to apply voter id card

Elections in India are conducted every 5 years. As responsible citizens of the nation, we have the right to vote and it is also our duty. Since a large part of the population is involved here, the choice is never easy. There are many cases of fraud in elections. So to make things smooth to some extent, the Election Commission of India has introduced the system of Voter ID Cards. Which is shown here.

What is Voter ID Card?

Voter ID Card, also known as Electors Identity Card (EPIC). This photo identity card is issued by the Election Commission of India to all those persons who are eligible to vote.

At the time of photo election, it is a very difficult task to make a list of those people of the country who are eligible to vote in the election. The main purpose of making a Voter ID card is to register those people who are eligible for voting and to reach these people to the voting station at the time of election. How to apply voter id card?

When the voter goes to vote at the time of election, first of all the voter's identity card is checked. While checking, the name of the person and his registration number are checked. Before voting, the voter card of the person is checked from the list present with the election officer and only after the match is done, the person is allowed to vote.

To avoid the possibility of more than one fake vote by a person, fingerprints are put on the person's finger.


Simple Way Guide How to apply voter id card?

  • Any person who is 18 years of age or above can register for Voter ID.
  • If a person changes his place of residence, then he can get his voter ID card made again.
  • Anyone can apply for a Voter ID card on any day of the year.

Documents Required for Voter ID Card

You have to submit the following documents while applying for Voter ID - How to apply voter id card?

  • Identity proof
  • Proof of address
  • Photo
  • Voter card of someone in your relation


In order to apply for or obtain a voter ID card, individuals must meet the following eligibility.

  • Applicants must be 18 or above.
  • However, applicants who belong to any specific special category and who become financially insolvent (even if they are above 18 years) are not eligible to apply for a Voter ID card.

How to apply voter id card? (Online/ Offline)

You can apply for a Voter ID card both online and offline.

1. Steps to apply online (How to apply voter id card)

How to apply voter id card online is a very simple process. Every state has a different site to apply online. This site is very simple and it is available in every language.  Anyone can easily work on these sites.

  • First of all, open the website of the Election Commission.
  • After opening, click on Enroll for New Card.
  • Enter your email id, mobile number and your state, then you will get the login id and password.
  • After login, enter your details. After searching Form 6, the details given in it should be filled.
  • Passport size photograph should be attached with it.
  • After this you are asked to confirm your details.

After confirming your details you should submit the form. After this the successful submission page opens, and the message comes on your email id.

After this you have not applied for your voter card. To confirm your voter card, take a print out of this form and submit it to the office. After this you just have to wait for the arrival of your voter card.

2. Steps to apply offline (How to apply voter id card)

If voters do not want or cannot apply online then they can also apply for this offline

  • Applicants have to visit the State Election Office, and request for Form 6.
  • After filling the required details and providing all the relevant documents like identity proof and address proof, the customer can submit the form to the office.

After verification of all the details, the ID card will be issued to the customers after the specified period.

3. Steps to apply semi-online (Voter id card apply semi-online)

Citizens can also apply for Voter ID through semi-online mode.

  1. Go to the website of the National or State Election Commission and print Form 6.
  2. Fill all the information along with the required documents.
  3. Submit the form in person or by post to the election office.

Voter ID cards are issued only after necessary verification of all the documents and details provided by the applicant.

Election card uses

Voter ID card has various uses for Indians 

  • This card is an accepted form of personal identification.
  • The Voter ID card acts as an acknowledgment that the cardholder is a registered voter.
  • The card includes several identifying features such as applicant's signature, photograph, fingerprint etc. which provide additional assurance to the cardholder.
  • In case of an election, the card makes provision (by way of marking) to prevent the holder from voting multiple times.
  • Voter ID cards can be prepared according to the election needs of the population with low literacy.
  • This is especially useful as a form of identification for voters with fixed addresses.

Benefits Of Voter ID Card "How to apply voter id card"

Applying for voter cards online is a very simple and time saving process. There are many benefits of applying online so that one can apply for voter cards online except offline.

  1. With the process of filling the online form, you are saved from waiting in a long line and wasting time. You can apply whenever you want and you get the voter card at your home.
  2. You can check your voter card status and when you apply online you get automatic status of your voter card.
  3. If you apply for your card online then you get your card within 1 month, unlike when you apply offline, it takes 9 to 10 months to get a voter card.

How to check status of Voter ID card

Elections are held in India every five years. The responsibility of all citizens is very important in the election process because they need to elect the ideal leader by casting their votes.

Voter ID card is an identification provided to eligible voters, using which they can cast their vote in elections in India.

Voter ID has been authorized by the Government of India as an identity proof.  After applying for the card, you can check the status of the voter ID card online.

  1. First of all, log in to the website of National Voter Service Portal.
  2. Enter the reference ID that you get at the time of voter ID card and form number.
  3. Then click on “Track Status”.
  4. The status of your voter ID card will be displayed on your screen.

How to verify Voter ID card

You have to log on to the official or government website of the government.  This particular website contains all the details that you need to know about the online voter ID application process. You can also know about the documents to be submitted during the process.

If you are applying for a Voter ID card for the first time, you will have to fill in the details on Form 6. You have to submit the duly filled form along with the required documents. The documents should be scanned and passport size images of the application should be attached wherever required. How to apply voter id card?

The hard copy of the official documents should be sent to the nearest electoral office at your residence. It is advised that you exercise caution while submitting such important documents.

When you submit the form along with the documents they are checked properly. An election officer verifies your address by talking to your neighbors and other members of the community neighbourhood.

Why is a Voter ID card necessary?

Voter ID cards are an important document for Indian citizens for various reasons.

Proof of identification

It is an important document as it is a valid form of identity proof. Voter ID cards are accepted in various offices and institutions, which are required when the individual has to present a valid form of identification like insurance companies, online travel companies, gas companies, banks etc. How to apply voter id card?

Apart from this, all government run agencies, insurance providers, claims firms, mortgage providers like banks, ask applicants to provide a voter ID number in order to process their request.

Casting Votes

Voter ID is necessary if you want to cast your vote during any election. If you have a valid Voter ID card, and your name is present in the voter list of your local area, then you can enter yours.

Registration in voter list of non resident state

Voter ID card is another purpose of allowing any person to register his name in the voter list of a state other than his state's place of residence. This is particularly useful. If a person has shifted from another state, and wants to enroll in the electoral list of his/her local area/constituency. How to apply voter id card?

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