How To Get Job In Google After 12th? is everyone's dream. Because we all know how big a company Google is. Everyone wants to work in this type of company.  Because at first the job is not easily found in Google.

If it is done, then along with a good salary, many facilities are available from the company side. So if you also want to know how to get a job in Google, then stay tuned till the end of this post. In this post I am going to tell you How To Get Job In Google After 12th?

To get a job in a company like Google, you should have good knowledge in any field, because if you have woven a dream without good information, then forget it.

Now most of the people must be thinking that only a programmer line job would be available in Google. And only those people will be able to apply who will be from the IT field.  So let me tell you that it is not like that, only software engineer or programmer jobs are available in Google.

Google is a very big company and there are many types of job openings in it, from software engineers to data scientists, designers, creative professionals, there are many posts where you can get jobs according to your skills.

Now you must be thinking that now how will it be known that which job opening is in Google at this time or in the coming time in which profile the opening is going to come?  They can be seen by visiting Google's job portal. There you will get all the information. Click on the button below to go to Google Job Portal.

How To Get Job In Google After 12th?

I think you are getting some information about work.

After 10th or 12th you need to do design from a very much rumored school and score a GPA of 9 or 10 then just you are qualified for a position at Apple or Google.

They likewise recruit the understudies of vit, MIT pune, IITs, NITs, Pieces, and so forth.

Work Jobs at Google

  • Designing (Specialized): Application creating, STA engineer, Item chief, Exploration Researcher, Sound/Camera equipment director and so on.
  • Business: Project supervisor, Business organizer, Methodology and Tasks Expert, News Advertising Administrator and Enlisting lead and so on.
  • Planner: Visual Originator, Application Architect, UX Creator, UX Specialist and so forth.

Apple doesn't recruit understudies from these schools, however Google does. Than you understand How To Get Job In Google After 12th?

Go to Google Job Portal

What is the qualification required for a job in Google?

Google is a very big company and inside it there are many child companies which come under Google. There are many types of products and services from Google here.  And to get the job, first of all you have to decide in which product or service you want to take the job. You should have good skills in whatever product or service you want to take a job in.

Qualification or degree does not matter much to do a job in Google, but in the field in which you want to work, your skill should be of top class.  Then you are more likely to get the job.

Apart from this, Google also conducts some online tests, after clearing which you can get an internship in Google.  If your internship is completed well, then there are high chances that you will also get a job offer from Google.

Because if you do your internship well, then you would have understood very well how to do most of the work.  In such a situation, Google gives you more preference because you must have understood the work culture of the company very well.

Let me tell you one more thing that if anyone gets a job in Google in the beginning, then he does not get a place in the core company of Google, he works in any product of Google.  If I tell you about some popular products and services of Google, then some popular products are YouTube, Gmail, Google Trends, Google Analytics etc.

Apart from this, many services that you use online come under Google.

You have to work for at least 6 to 7 years to reach the core company of Google.  Only then do you have the possibility of getting a place in the core company.

What is the salary of Google employees?

Friends, is it not possible to tell how much the salary of Google employees is? Because let me tell you, there are all kinds of employees in Google, some are on small posts and some are working on big posts, so it is difficult to guess.  But I will definitely say that people who work at Google get good salaries.

By the way, if we talk about the salary of a software engineer, then the salary of a software engineer for 1 year is approximately between 90 lakh to 1 crore.  By the way, I have also told you the estimated income after visiting some major websites. This is not an exact number.

Benefits of working in Google

There are many benefits of working at Google.  Like the work culture here is very good, that means you have the freedom to work with a free mind.  There is no time boundation, as it happens in small companies in India.

Even if you want to work from home, you can easily do work from home. The company only cares about work. Just your work should be done in the given time frame.

The way of working there is that, if any project starts, the date of its completion is already fixed, within that time you have to complete that project and give it.

There is also an advantage of working in Google, as I mentioned above, that the work culture is very good. If you do not feel like working while working, then there is also the facility of swimming pool and gaming.  You can go and refresh yourself by playing games for a while or going to the swimming pool and then start working again.

So friends, are there any benefits of working in Google?  Who does not want such a work culture where while working, it is not known that they are working.  That's why people yearn to work in Google.

What are the facilities available to Google employees?

If you get a job in Google, then you get many facilities from Google. Let us tell you one by one what are the facilities available to the employees working in Google.

1. Free Food

Google allows its employees to eat 3 meals for free

2. Relax House

To make you relax, Google also arranges a Relax Room Garden for its employees.

3. Work from home

If you want to do work from home, then Google also gives this facility to its employees.

4. Medical facility

Keeping in mind the health of its employees, Google provides medical facilities at the workplace.  If your health deteriorates during work, there is always a medical staff there for that.

5. Free Gym Classes

Google also provides free gym facilities for its employees so that they remain fit both physically and mentally.

6. Death Benefit

If any employee dies while working in Google, then his spouse will get 50% of his salary for the next 10 years. If he also dies, then his son or daughter will be given Rs 74000/- per month till the age of 19 years and free education will be given till 23 years.

7. Paternity, Maternity Leave

Google gives 7 weeks paternity leave to its employees.  If there is a female employee, then she gives maternity leave of 12 to 18 weeks.  This means that the employee will continue to get a salary during this period as well.

Hope you liked this information on how to get a job in Google. If you liked this article, then do share it with your friends also.


Q1) How to get a job at Google with no experience (Degree).

Even if you do not have any kind of degree, you can still work in Google. For this you must have this knowledge.

To work in Google, you must have knowledge of the English language.

Must have complete knowledge of computers.

Must have good knowledge of maths also.

One should also have a good understanding of reasoning ability as well as it is important to be mentally and physically healthy.

Applicants must be intelligent.

It is also important to have a good understanding of reasoning.

Q2) Google offices in India

Below is a list of google offices in India.

  • Gurugram
  • Hyderabad
  • Mumbai
  • Bangalore

Q4) Can anyone apply in google?

Yes, there is any application tax in google based on your qualification.

Q5) Do I need English to apply to Google?

Yes, you should have knowledge of English.

Q6) How To Get Job In Google After 12th?

After 12th, you will have to do a course in computer or technology related subjects to get a job in Google. After this, you can go to and know about the jobs coming out in Google. Whatever job is good for your profile, you can apply for it.

7) Google jobs from Home

You can do all these jobs by staying at home. Which are following.

  1. Ads Quality Rater
  2. Using Blogger
  3. Certified Publisher – AdThrive
  4. YouTube Video Creator
  5. Search Engine Evaluator
  6. Google Opinion Rewards
  7. Google User Experience Research
  8. Certified Consultant


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